Here’s what some of my clients say about their coaching experience with me. I hope their stories will inspire you as well.

* * *
“Coaching can be as effective as you want it to be. This is my experience:

Carli will first establish some sort of connection or what it feels like a safe space so you can trust yourself enough to really start talking. He will show you all types of tools you can work with and soon enough, as the sessions progress, the correct tool will naturally click in. This really depends on you and your level of open mindedness.

Carli will subtly (even if he denies his subtlety, and with no BS or hidden meanings!), guide and help you organize your emotions so you can hit the main issue exactly when you are prepared to. Issues that you may think are not involved, usually are and you may even be surprised by this or even think you’re trailing off subject (Trust me. You’re not). But, the issue will be resolved if you let it and the more you actively work on it, the better.

I wanted to see if this type of, what I now call, “healing tool” (coaching) would be able to mend specific, emotionally deep and traumatizing side effects caused by a violent experience. And, I particularly chose this subject because I had unsuccessfully tried working on it with a shrink. It was a bit tough for both of us, giving the nature of the issue, but I am happy to say that we resolved it!

Carli has the skill to translate what your mind and heart are screaming to you, even if you think you’re already listening. This is why it’s very important to be open minded and not to judge. I am sure he can help you help yourself!!”

– “Quill”, Scientist/DNA & Phylogenetics. San Juan, Puerto Rico

* * *

“It may sound like a cliché but it’s true: there has been a before and an after Carli’s coaching experience. I’ve changed, am more optimistic and feel stronger. I have felt like this before but this time I learnt not how to ‘feel’ like this but how to ‘be’. And this makes all the difference… for the rest of my life.

I also very much trusted Carli and let myself go without a doubt. I’ve known Carli for a long time. He is extremely (and incredibly) thorough in everything he does, and I knew he would not leave anything to explore, question, observe and learn to help make a difference in my life. And so he did.”

– Sophie Phillips, Designer. London, UK

* * *

“Carli came recommended by a good friend.  The idea was intriguing to me.  Being open to change and feeling the need to talk prompted me to make contact.

He has a way of looking at life that helps draw out what’s already inside of you.
He has the ability to present things differently. His energy is positive.

Carli has influenced the way I see things.  I am more present.  I know what my ideal Alison is.  I focus and build on those passions.  I have the ability to correspond with my feelings and see what I have instead of what I have not.

I look forward to talking with Carli as I uncover a whole new world each time.
I would highly recommend him to my good friends who I know would enjoy the journey.”

– Alison Jones, Brand Director. NY, NY.

* * *

“Coaching wasn’t something I had considered, but I was looking for ways to focus my business goals forward and to develop tools to make that happen.  Working with Carli was like chatting with an old friend: one who cares enough to push you and insightful enough to drill down to the real goals.  I heartily recommend Carli to anyone who has a busy life, but is still searching for a full life.  He can help you work out what really matters and how to get there.”

– Jed C., Industrial Designer. Boston, MA.

* * *

“I was yearning for progression, but without any specific goal in mind. All I knew is that I didn’t feel in control; like I was in the back seat being taken on a ride with no way to direct the driver. I sought the help of a few life coaches. Their methods seemed formulaic and impersonal, like each sentence was being read from a “how to” coaching manual!!

Carli’s approach is much more organic and thoughtful. He quickly found that I grasp concepts best when they are illustrated using real-life metaphors. This approach might not work for all, but that’s exactly the point!  Carli’s coaching style is like a bespoke craft, custom fitted to the individual, existing within the present moment.

Carli introduced me to tools and techniques for viewing and mindfully responding to everyday life situations within the scope of the “big picture”. As a result of these practices, I have more clarity, control and a calmer overall presence.

I’m really happy with the progress made – thanks to Carli’s insight!”

– Indu, Designer. Seattle, WA.

* * *

“The main benefits that coaching has given me are seeing life from a different point of view and achieving the goals that I set for myself. I started with the objective of improving my business and now, after a year of coaching I have achieved success professionally as well as personally.

Trust in the coach is one of the most basic things, and Carli inspires a lot of trust. His way of explaining concepts, his relaxed but very focused style make you feel like you are talking with a friend who guides, questions and orients you to achieve what you really want.

Coaching has become a life style for me, and it’s not something I want to trade up 🙂  ”

– Orquídea Licona, Web Designer / SEO Consultant. Mexico City. www.2beonline.com.mx

* * *

“What I have found most beneficial from working with Carli is allowing myself to choose to employ my positive energy, such that it adds value to my day-to-day activities and long-term goals. As for why I wanted to work with him is first of all trust, and secondly, respect for what Carli has always stood for in his journey of personal growth.”

– Lachezar Tsvetanov
Indstrial Designer & Entrepreneur. NY, NY.

* * *

“Coaching has taught me many things; one of the most valuable is that my mind is an extraordinary ally of my future and that it’s totally up to me to make it stay that way.

Carli’s guidance arrived in my life as a very helpful resource just when I was trying to figure out the next step. Wanting to control everything around me had me all worn out. His trustful personality made it easier to confront paradigms and other monsters. He gives himself totally to his work and has an interest of custom fitting coaching for you.

For now, I can say that having an ideal projection of my life makes the road more special and worth it, because now I know where I’m going and most importantly, when I’ll be getting there.

Dreaming is alright, but living your dreams is awesome 🙂  ”

– Paulina, Pastry Chef and owner of Moldeh. Mexico City. www.moldeh.com.mx

* * *

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