Your Coach, Carli BF

Welcome to my coaching blog.
My name is Carli Bauzá Feliciano.
Carlos Enrique, like Papá.
Feliciano from Mamá.

Thank you for checking out my work. I share it in hopes to help you live a little better and grow into a bigger human every day.
A bit about me:

How did I get into Life Coaching?
My road to this practice has been an interesting – and unlikely – one, having done my rounds as an art student,  furniture craftsman, and blade bearer at a meat store during my college years. Subsequently I left my home in Puerto Rico to earn a Masters in Industrial Design. While I wore the label of designer in New York and later in Copenhagen, I took up copy writing and photography, the latter of which I still do professionally. It was in New York that I began to explore the anatomy of reality. After months of feeling unmotivated, unfit for a job in my own field – and pretty bitter overall – my frustration gave way to the bigger musings of life.
“There must be something else to this “thing” than earning less than a student and living in this Brooklyn basement!”
Not knowing when – and if – I’d be moving up to higher floors, I studied the mind, spirit, and how we create our experiences. I began to apply principles that helped uncover subconscious junk that resided under my radar and kept me away from a life I actually liked, let alone loved. I began to overcome old limitations and dared to reach farther: I found design work as a foreigner in border-preserving Denmark – while still living in NYC. Some years later I moved to Mexico City under arguably improbable circumstances. And at the time I also changed careers – without having a clue about how to do it, and feeling scared shitless.

Then I realized that I was forging a life that would have previously seemed impossible to me.

Carli cumbre - Foto por Fer Saf

Summit at la Malinche, Tlaxcala, México, 2013.

After living in the pits, help others climb out.
The trail to who I am today has been steep, rocky, and sometimes suffocating. While walking I also wondered how to help others improve their quality of life. Coaching was the form it took. It helps to spark up our thirst for life, kick fear off the field and replace it with confidence. I know, because I’ve had coaches myself. And believe me, if it’s worked for a stubborn donkey like me, it can work for almost anyone.

What makes my coaching effective?
A fine receptivity for the human psyche and the knowledge I’ve gained through years of study and inner work do help. My work is a blend of theory, vision, and practice for deep personal transformation. My approach is rigorous and playful, thorough and irreverent. I use a wide array of tools to mirror your life back to you so you’ll see that who you’re being on the inside is creating what you’re getting on the outside. As within, so without.

What tools do I use in coaching?
There is a variety of ways to reprogram the mind, and I use what I feel is best for every issue. Some tools that play powerful roles in my work are continuous observation of your attitude and “story”, listening to what you’re saying – and what you’re not – and re-framing obsolete thought patterns. I may guide you in deep meditations and visualizations to help impregnate into your subconscious the changes you want to create. Energy transmutation is another powerful way to help manifestation, also done in a meditative state through which I guide you. In some cases written exercises may be in order for yet other aspects of coaching. And every week we find the best practices for you to do between sessions to integrate what we do during each session. Additionally, I’m currently on course to becoming certified as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. And most importantly, I have used these tools myself.  All of these are among the modalities that have helped me to clarify and develop many aspects of my own life. Essentially, I’ve been through hell so that you won’t have to.

In what languages and by which media do I coach?
I am completely fluent in Spanish and English and available to coach in either language. Si estás en México D.F. nos podemos ver en persona. If you’re anywhere else we can do it by Skype or phone.

How do we begin?
When you hire me as your coach we start by identifying and defining the one current issue that will fetch you the largest benefit when you begin to cultivate it. It can be improving self esteem, reinventing some aspect of your life that is due for a change, becoming more aware, rekindling your passions, finding your Purpose… whatever is most important to you at this time.  This is where the idea of Future To Present comes in: you’ll plant the seed of your desires in the part of your life that you’re always moving into – your future. I’ll help you to nurture that seed, and you’ll gather its fruits as the present unfolds. During this process I’ll share with you the best tools I know to transmute any blocks we find in your way and funnel the energy they’re holding up in the direction of your intention. In an ideal scenario we meet once a week for one hour. First we review the previous week, set the intention for the one coming, explore and transform any blocks, and define practices to integrate what we’ve discussed.

This work can go on for as long as you feel you’re getting more than what you’re investing in our program. My job is to make sure that you do. And we can stop whenever you want.

If you want more information about how to start coaching with me, contact me here. I’ll answer any questions about how we can move your life forward.

Whattavyagot to lose?  Email me!

I also invite you to read the generous statements from my clients on the “Testimonials” page. They’ll give you a better idea about the benefits and what it’s like to work with me. I hope they’ll inspire you as well.

Thanks again for visiting this blog.
Send me a note or leave a comment or question below; I’d love to know who you are!

Carli Bauzá | Your coach for a life that kicks ass
For more information on coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements, email me here.


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